Considering that the vanguard and the wealth of the Gulf countries is increasing, Saudi Arabia’s Market is growing so that for Italian companies there is no market better. First, please remember that “Made in Italy” products are among the best in terms of quality and Italian companies renowned for their open-mindedness and easy business policy. What marks Italian exports? Not only sell products, but also to offer a trust, fast and simple service.

Which are the best opportunities?

  • Petrochemical and energy

  • Plant Design

  • Hospital

  • Water treatment, construction, mining and processing of metals

However, it is important to bear in mind that Saudi Arabia imposes certain restrictions on imports. The best solution? Owning some locals references or, better yet, a trusted Italian Forwarder Agent who has trustworthy local and is hence to provide support services, customs and taxes studies in order to conclude positively your business!


What marks the economy of the State of Israel? Which element makes it one of the most rapidly expanding markets? The enormous capacity for innovation in all sectors of the economy.

The European Union is an Israel’s regular partner for the import and export of goods and services due to the economic and trade policies allowing reduction of customs’ barriers.
The key to the development of Israel is the High-Tech area: biomedicine, agriculture, renewable energy, environmental technology and cyberspace. As the Israeli companies are not very structured, it is easy to understand why they are looking for partners in foreign firms that provide a 360 ° support from the supply chain to the finished product including transportation and customs formalities. Also, do not forget the gas fields recently discovered that has already opened up great prospects for companies in the sector.

Required Documentation
In addition to the documents required for customs, shipping and insurance, in English language (declaration of the importer, commercial invoice, packing list, etc.), you shall need to produce:

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certificate EUR MED

  • Codes customs