Pre clearing customs procedure

In this context, the Port of Ravenna has been a pioneer of the Italian Customs System in testing the pre clearing procedure and, then, in customs clearing while container is still in the sea.

“The activation of this procedure has been possible thanks to the synergic cooperation of all the actors, Institutions and Privates ones, as well as the Logistics Companies and the Port Authority”, explains the Italian Revenue Authority.

The procedure concerning the customs clearing in the sea, it is reserved at present just for containers, of goods arriving from extra-EU countries. It allows accomplishing all the import customs formalities before the vessel arriving at the port of destination: the transit is faster and slower.

What does it happens in practice?
The authorities controlling all the documentation related to each container, available since the vessel departure date, proceed to check and to clear the vessel and the goods still not arrived at the port.
In this way, the containers that have their documents in order and that are not subject to any customs visit are free to be released and delivered to the final destination.
This is the most important customs procedure present now in Italy because transit times are shorter than ever and this can give an important benefit to all the Italian Importers.

Through the pre clearing procedure, the Italian Customs Agency realized what seemed impossible:

the staying time of the containers at the port of Ravenna, after this procedure’s beginning, is esteemed to be from 4 to 6 hours.

Try to believe!