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Globalization, Worldwide Entrepreneur Spirit, New International Horizons, New Economy, Ever-changing Market Situation, different Conditions and Practices from country to country.
The construction of a specific know – how through a costant updating is an essential element to select the best international strategy for one’s own company.

In order to provide useful tools, the Xped professionals offer consulting and training customized services, depending on participants profiles and concerning several topics.

Consultancy Services


  • International Transports’ procedures
  • Analysis of the proper Delivery Terms (INCOTERMS ® 2010) to be applied in the Purchase Agreement as well as risks/costs and customs formalities related to it
  • Goods’ Insurance on transports


  • Customs’ Procedure and Strategy
  • Study and Management of Customs’ Regulation
  • Preferential and Non-Preferential Origin of the Goods
  • Fiscal Representation’s Procedures in the EU Countries

Fiscal – Documental

  • VAT in the International Trades of Goods and Services
  • European Trades, Compiling of INTRASTAT and BLACKLIST Registration’s Forms
  • International Payment’s Methods
  • Letter of Credit: assistance in the exam and in the compilation of the requested documents in order to avoid any Bank’s reservations

Training Services

  • Examination of the Technical Documentation by several platforms
  • Personal Assistance for Specific International Trades’ Transactions
  • On-the-job Training
  • Training Lessons